the best day ever!

i can remember that day so clearly. it was like looking through glasses when youre blind. its so clear. actually, it was crystal clear. it was december 7, 3 days before our schools winter formal. i was going with my friends. i was hoping i would have a date…and i hoped right. i was walking home when i heard somebody calling my name. it was him. my heart was beating so fast. i was so nervous. it had been a long time before he had talked to me. a long long time. we were walking and talking. we walked all the way to the park. i was so nervous. i had never been with him for this long. the only time i saw him was in the hallways. but anyways, we sat down in the grass in the shade. he asked me if i was going to winter formal.i said yes and he asked me if i wanted to go with him. of course i said yes-it would be silly of me if i didnt. i walked home like i was the luckiest girl in the world. i couldnt believe this was happening. of course this was happening… because it was in my dreams. :(

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