is all i have to say! friday!! friday!! today, i saw him once. once… WTF??? only once. but of course he didnt see me. he was talking to his friends… i was staring at him.. as always. gazing into his beautiful eyes. he didnt look up. not even for a second. and i was not in a good mood for the rest of the day. i was sad… depressed even. but i wouldnt let him get me down. no. not ever. i was strong…on the outside. and maybe on the inside too. for community service, i helped my teacher that i had last year. and of course, he is in her class this year. and of course i ended up grading his math test. his writing is so freakin neat. it looks like a girls handwriting. but its not. it was a guys. and he only missed one. is that even possible? everyone else missed 11 or 5 or like 7. its amazing. hes hot and smart. you dont see that too often.

and today we had a sub for social studies. everyone thought that he was cute but if you ask me hes fugly… especially when you compare the sub to you know who… the sub is like 50. i dont see what people see in him. he kinda looked gay. i mean if you didnt hear him talk. he had this deep voice. well at least i thought it was deep. thats basically what happened to me. check out this website. i guarantee that youre going to laugh.

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