what everyone ought to know about that day.

this is so true :] aahh.. where was i? oh yes.. 5 period P.E. for those of you who dont        know its physical education. :] he was in the same period as me. same  period, not class. there IS a difference. he had the best P.E. teacher… lucky him. i, on the other hand, had the worst. my teacher was a dumb, ignorant, germ freak perso. my teacher was the worst P.E. teacher ever. and ive had pretty bad teachers so this is like an understatement. anyways, sometimes, my friends and i would walk and so would he… those were good times. i used to walk behind him and lii promise my heart wont shatter yet....sten to what he would say. dumb stories. at least i thought they were dumb. mostly about baseball and his dog. how can guys listen to their friends talk about this crap? he seems to be pretty good at baseball though. and so do his friends. they say hes the best. i still miss those days no matter how dumb and pointless his stories were. i wish i was in his P.E. class. or at least period. then i would get to see him more often. unlike now. i see him like once every week. thats it. thats it.


THANK YOU!! ive had 53 site views. im so proud of myself. its kinda a big accomplishment for me.   :] thank you to all who have commented, even though only two of you have. :] i really, truly appreciate every person who came and read my blog posts. it means the world to me! :)


  1. #1 by nadia on January 24, 2011 - 11:06 am

    “Dear heart, I met a boy. Prepare to shatter.” Ha ha! That is so cute!

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