THANK YOU!is all i have to say! 86 views. wow! im speechless. 86 is a lot. at least to me it is. some people may think that 86 is a small number. but to me thats huge. i want to personally thank everyone single one of you who came and visited my blog and read my posts. thank you SO much! :] i remeber a couple of days ago when i had 5 views. i was so proud of myself. it made me feel good. i thought that 5 was a lot. but obviously i was wrong. because 86 is way huger than 5! :] thanks to all my AWESOME visitors and commentors!

so today in english we looked at pictures of inkblots. it was pretty fun, if you ask me. better than having the teacher jabber on about this and that. when he jabbers on your mind just slowly drifts away….. to a far away place in your mind.glee... tomorrow? off into space. of course my mind is always on him. him. him. i dont even realize that the bell rings- thats how focused im on on him. i just cant stop thinking about him. thats all my mind can think about. him. but there is one thing that my mind thinks about also. glee. a new episode. TOMORROW!! at least i hope its a new episode… :] the glee club… ————–>


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  1. #1 by shyspirit on January 25, 2011 - 6:10 am

    bieng anonamous is so much fun isnt it noone knows who you are…. anyways, i’d love to know your mystry guy better… details please!!

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