so apparently…


this is her and him

she broke up with him but now she wants him back? sometimes i dont understand her. if she still likes him then why did she break up with him? shes played around with so many guys hearts. i dont know why she does it? does she think that its fun? torturing guys by pretending that she likes them? and then breaking their hearts? i swear that shes an animal. but a nice animal. maybe a dolphin. shes playful, has a bubbly personality, and she loves to jump around. i dont see why guys like her. i mean, whats so good about her? i know for a fact that she lies… and who likes a girl that lies? seriously…

i have no news about him today. i havent seen him for a while. the last time i saw him was… a long long long time ago. i can only remember the past when i saw him. or when he saw me. he would always stare at me.. for some reason. :] maybe i know the reason… maybe i dont. anyways.. today i took a quiz. does he have a secret crush on you? it said… theres a chance he likes you… that kinda made my day. :] click here to take it. tell me what you get!!!!!!!!! :]


so now my blog has 135 hits. two things i have to say. firstly (is that a word?) 135 is three digits! and secondly, thank you to all of my visitors, AND commentors, AND subscribers!! (yes, i have 2 subscribers!) thank you to my subscribers! i cant believe that my blog got this many views. i cant believe it. its amazing. completely amazing. 135. its a huge number. i mean, thats more than the number of presidents that the US has had. wow! thank you ALL! :]



  1. #1 by tolian on January 26, 2011 - 6:13 am

    I know a girl.Grace beautiful How can I touch her heart?
    blue stocking?Artist.Hard to describe her.

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