i passed!! :]

this is what i feel like i got

so yesterday, we took a social studies final. it was super hard. i got a c. i guess its not that bad. i still have an a in the class. and her grading scale is the one thats all jacked up. the cutoff for an a is a 94!! wtf? i mean seriously… thats bull. getting a c  is like getting an f. i mean, there are other people who did worse than me, but those are the dumb blonde peoples who arent even smart. thats what i feel like. but at least i got an a in the class. :]


anyways i saw this HILARIOUS video. this kid dunks himself in a hoop! its pretty amazing how that can happen. click here

you WILL laugh!

to watch it. you know you want to…i promise you will be amazed or at least laugh, or maybe you will be amazed AND laugh. well today, i pledge to not think about him. so far it has worked. until now. i mean, hes like one of those flys that fly around your house and you just want the fly to leave. yes, i did just compare him to a fly. :] not his looks or anything, just how he is in my mind… if that makes sense… anyways. i want fro yo. i havent had it for a long time…


WOW!! 264 blog views.. im amazed, no wait… flabbergasted is the word! i cant believe it! thank you to all my viewers for reading my posts!



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  1. #1 by tolian on January 29, 2011 - 4:11 am

    Congratulation you did it.
    Omg finally I have a chance to say this sentence. ah~
    If you are smart enough you havnt got a c.
    face the reality.

    • #2 by thesecretgirlforever on January 30, 2011 - 5:42 am

      thank you. a c isnt that bad.. better than an f. :] thats what i think.

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