bleh. sunday.

i offically hate sundays. i dont know why. theyre just so full of.. sundayness. let me give you a tip girl to girl.. ALWAYS

unless your a bird...

WEAR SENSIBLE SHOES!! unless you can fly. then it doesnt really matter. hahaha. i think thats funny. i always wear sensible shoes. i do like to wear heels though. they make me feel tall and make my legs look super long, even though i have short legs. i wish they were longer. blah, short legs. bad for models. im obsessed with one thing right now.. neopets!! its so fun!! its really addicting too. i love playing all the games and doing all the dailies! my username is newyorkforever. if you have a neopets account you can view my userlookup. its pretty awesome, if you ask me. im also addicted to buildabearville but not as much. i created a guy profile and all the girls go crazy over him. its fun. thats what i do for fun. thats my life. pretty fun hhmm? im also obsessed with blogging. :] you might have noticed. i just write about random things. and its fun. its like having a diary, but letting the world read it. read your thoughts, your dreams, your most deepest, darkest secrets. pretty fun.

dreams so come true!! hopefully

thinking back to yesterday… my dream. i remember what happened!! yes! my memory is coming back. maybe i wont have alzhimers. :] yay. anyways, he walked with me to fifth period. we talked. when i got to my class, i could tell that he wanted to stay with me. before i opened the door, he asked me if i wanted to ditch school with him. i pretended to ignore him, because i would never ditch class, not even in a dream. i realized after i woke up, that i should have ditched. i mean it was a dream. whats the worst that could happen? a virtual detention? im mad. i should have ditched with him… <3

anyways… getting to a happy spot… 335 views!! wippee!! yay. thank you all for reading my blog posts or at least visiting. THANK YOU!!

335. thats a HUGE number!

PS. i joined social vibe. HELP ME AND OTHERS SAVE THE BEACHES!!! also, save the environment and dont use google. doing two google searches uses as much energy as boiling a cup of water. instead, use blackle, it has a black background that saves energy!!


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  1. #1 by The Hook on February 24, 2011 - 9:27 pm

    Sundays rock! But that’s just my opinion.

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