ok. so i feel like being really random now. i dont know why… but just bear with me here. im SO SO SO SO SO hyper!! i just frank THREE cups of coffee!!!! coffee tastes amazing!!!! i put plenty of sugar!!! without sugar it tastes gross!!! i want fro yo


right now. its over the rainbow. wherever the hell THAT is. im so hungry. dont you dare even think of saying hi hungry. (even though i do that). my guilty pleasure is.. drumroll please.. neopets!! its so addicting. i love love love girls generation. sooyoung is the best. dont tell me how competitive she is. i know she is competitive. thats why i like her. i am a proud believer of karma. karma + dramatic = KARMATIC. yes that it is a real word. what would sue slyvester do? adolf hitler is our hero!! JUST KIDDING!! he is a terrible perso and i feel VERY bad for all those Jews that died. i love tokidoki!!! they have AWESOME phone charms!!  im so tired. but i cant sleep. i try to sleep. but i cant. i end up talking to myseld. weird huh? i know. i just imagine that im talking to him. like seeing him in baseball games. anyways. talking to yourself is not a serious problem. to you it might be but not to me. i do it on a daily basis. and yes, this makes it normal. anyways, my randomness is done.

you know what i wanted. just kidding.

anyways.. last night… i  had a weird dream.. a very weird dream. but it was a nice dream. a dream that i hope will come true. i really do. in my dream, i was talking to him. you know… him. we were at school. i was walking through the long, crowded hallways. afterall, it was just a normal day at school.. 1st period, 2nd period, recess, 3rd period, 4th period, lunch, 5th period, 6th period. see how boring that is? you probably fell asleep. anyways.. getting back on topic here, i saw him in the hallways. he stopped to talk with me. he ditched his friends to walk with me to 5th period, even though his class is on the other side of school. it felt real. like, he was actually there with me, talking to me. amazing. mesmerizing. his face. so beautiful. and him. there. standing. with. of all people. moi. :] i dont remember what happened after that. i have REALLY bad memory. short term memory loss. bleh. i hate it. i cant remember anything. not a single thing.

you would not believe what i found on yahoo today… this girl, she drinks grapefruit juice for the first time. its so cute. and funny. but i think that it was more cute than funny… which is rare.. for me at least. click here to watch her. so cute. im so tired. i think im gonna sleep now. or at least try (again!). good nite.



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  1. #1 by eva626 on March 9, 2011 - 5:10 am

    you are AWESOME!!! haha… to think of it…you might have two other twins (triplets???) haha my cousin, neighbor and you are so alike!!!! wow…glad theres three of you…i love your blog!!!! haha ok ima stop now …lol

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