WE HAD NO INTERNET FOR 2 WEEKS!! what the hell is wrong with verizon? why did it take so frickin long to have some guy to come out here and fix the cables? anyways… ive been making a list of what to write about… but i dont remeber where i put it… its somewhere on my desk or on the floor or maybe in the closet or maybe… i dont know actually. anyways ill start this blog post.
so.. without the internet… THERES NOTHING TO DO!!! i watched some tv.. but its boring. i got hooked on spongebob. i know. pretty sad. but you gotta admit… its pretty funny. :) its my guilty pleasure. sshhhh… no

amazing show... :)

one knows. except yall. i also got more hooked on icarly. iwas already hooked on that. its so funny. but its like stupid funny. the people are so dumb. but i guess its supposed to be like that. anyways… basically watching tv every night. i miss the internet SO MUCH!!! what would i do without it? id probably die. anyways. i made a questionaire for myself (yes, thats how desperate i was!!!) so you could get to know a teensy bit more about me.
1. favorite color- green green green!!!!
2. favorite movie- despicable me!! its SO CUTE
3. favorite song- bottoms up (the best song ever)
4. favorite app- hhmmm.. thats tough… angry birds or cut the rope
5. favorite tv show- hhmm… another hard question.. ill just list the ones that i like. glee, the middle, big bang theory, icarly, spongebob, NCIS, NCIS LA….
6. guilty pleasure- spongebob!! duh!
7. favorite sport- dont play any sports. im too lazy :)
8. favorite actor- jim parsons. hes amazing
9. favorite actress- hhmm… dont know
10. any piercings?- yes ears. i want my belly button pierced. :) sounds gross but it looks so cool!!
11. favorite book- my sisters keeper. its so sad!! or huck finn. but i was kinda boring
12. favorite food- hhmm.. i love french fries. and hamburgers. and popcorn.
13. eye color- brown
14. hair bolor- black but i heard theres no such thing as black hair.
15. height- 5’2. hey whaddaya expect? im short!!
16. weight- now thats personal. but ill give you a hint. im not three digits (yet!!)
17. favorite clothing brand- american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, pacsun
18. can live without- the internet (even though i just did)
and that concludes my lame-o questionaire. anways. next topic. aahh yes…him… i kinda saw him. but not recently… hell i dont even know if he stillgoes to my school anymore. and yes im secretly hoping that he is. well… anyways. i saw him once at lunch and he was looking at me and when i looked up i saw him. but then he stopped looking at me. so what the hell is that supposed to mean?
anyways… i just fell in love with taylor swift’s song back to december. and i hate her. thats kinda an


understatement, but yeah. i actually like that song! i dont even know why but i do. ive been listening to it nonstop now. whats gotten into me???



  1. #1 by karkeethinks on March 10, 2011 - 3:53 am

    hair bolor….

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