babies are so cute:)

see this pic… ——————->

look at how cute this baby is!!

isnt he so cute!!! babies are so adorable and INNOCENT. but what if i told you who he was. a famous person, not necessarilly know for doing a good thing. a tyrant. a murderer. a vicious person. whose birthday is today…. April 20…. would you believe that this cute baby is ADOLF HITLER!!!! nah you would think. hes to cute to be adolf. but believe me. it is him. not so cute anymore hhhhmmm?? :)

hitler... tsk tsk

how could a baby that cute turn into one of the worst hated person around the world?? ask yourself this question….  in a way though, hitler is kinda important. he sets a bad example of what rulers shouldnt be. TSK TSK!!! >.<



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